Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thank God for Good Neighbours

Thank God for Good Neighbours
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My wife has been transferred to Selayang for her sub specialty training. So we are separated again and she has to stay alone in an apartment. Late last night she had to go back to hospital for an emergency but found her Kancil tyre was flat from a nail. She needed help but she was alone.

I thank God she had good neighbours. Although she had been in the flat only recently, her neighbour helped her and called her other neighbours to help also. Her good neighbour told the other neighbours :

"This little sister needs help to change her tyre. She has to go to the hospital to save lives"

In no time 3 guys came and changed her tyre for her. I really want to thank these neighbouurs from the bottom of my heart.

Truly neighbours are the people who lend a helping hand when in need.


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous lostsheep said...

Glad EE got a good neighbour. It must be difficult being separated from family and kids as part of training.


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