Thursday, June 16, 2005

Doc's Tip No. 6 : PDA Recommendations

So what PDAs do I actually recommend you to buy? Here are my top current selections. I have put them in a Hot List on the right column below my profile. Click on them to see their pros and cons and current prices in Malaysian Ringgit.(1USD=3.8RM.
I would still recommend a Palm for most medical doctors for it's ease of use and good battery life. My top picks would be :

1. Palm Tungsten T5
2. Palm Tungsten E2
3. Palm Zire 72

This may seem strange as I myself prefer to use a pocket pc, in fact I have used most Palms and Pocket PC's to date. But this selection is geared towards a medical doctor who may have not much experience with a PDA, in which this is the most practical selections.

*Update 2007 : Wow time sure flies and the pda market has changed significantly. Palm seems to be struggling and the pocket pcs and symbian smartphones are dominating the market now. Currently convergence is the in thing with WM6 just being released.

2007 Recommendations for Doctors :

1. Palm Treo 680
2. Palm Tx
3. Samsung i600 WM6 Smartphone
4. Asus p535
5. Dopod 838pro

I will have to think about different categories as the variety is great now.

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    At 1:46 PM, Blogger Dr A S Galib said...

    I have decided to buy a portable computer. But should it be a handheld or smartphone? Why should I need mobile phone capabilites? Would it enhance my net connectivity? i am amazed that the handheld costs more tha smartphone, although both has same capabilities. I will use only for medical purposes.
    Dr Galib

    At 1:58 PM, Blogger Dr A S Galib said...

    ONe more thing. I read that palm has tied up with Msoft. How will it affect applications that runs on Palm OS? Will developers stop making newer applications? Which is the cheapest model across all brands that would run medical apps?


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