Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Doc's Tip No.5

Where do I get the best Free Medical Software?

Back in Med School, I realised that I would never be able to remember all the medical information thrown at us. More importantly you must know where to look and obtain credible information. After all what we learnt in Med school is obsolete the moment we leave it. OK so here are some useful resources for free medical software.

  • Epocrates Rx

  • This is a very good, albeit American based, drug reference that is consistently updated each time you sync your device. It is available for Palm and Pocket PC. Takes up a lot of space though as it has to be in the main memory.

  • Medcalc

  • This is a useful medical calculator for everything you might ever want to calculate..from EDD to GFR.

  • MIMS Beta

  • Mims for Asia, is a useful tool which is still in free beta, but can be a bit slow to load up.

  • John Hopkins Antibiotic Guidelines

  • Another excellent free resource available for the Palm and Pocket PC

  • Memoware

  • Memoware has an extensice free collection of medical documents that can be downloaded and read in various formats.

  • FreewarePPC

  • FreewarePPC and FreewarePalm have a comprehensive Medical section on the latest freewares for both platforms. Worth a check now and again to keep updated.

  • Medical Software for PDAs

  • Medical Pocket PC

  • Healthy Palm Pilot

  • These are also very exhaustive guides to medical software, some freeware and shareware for the pocket pc and palm.

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    At 9:24 AM, Blogger gizmo_pony said...

    Healthy palm pilot is not available, not nemore..


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