Friday, June 10, 2005

Doc's PDA Tip No. 4

Buy Second Hand If You Can

Since I am stuck here in the car workshop, I might as well write this. I change my PDA very often but not because I have a lot of cash. I tend to buy my PDAs second hand from tech forums like Most PDAs take a big hit in value once it is second hand,even if it is 1 month old. So if you look around you will find a bargain. Even if you sell it again, you won't lose much money. But in buying second hand here are some tips :

1. Always deal face to face
- Never bank in money first unless it is someone you trust, even then be careful. A lot of those unbelievably cheap deals are conmen dangling a fishing hook in front of you. If you really have no choice, make sure you get the seller's address, IC, phone number and bank account no.

2. Make sure you get the official warranty and receipt.
- This is essential when u want to claim the warranty and check the actual date of purchase.
- Some have online registrations, make sure you ask them for their login name and password.

3. Check for dead pixles
- U need to look at the screen with a black picture on the screen. You can do this by turning on the camera and covering the lens.
-Most pda manufacturers won't exchange the screen if there are less than 3 dead pixles. Don't except more than 1 in a non obtrusive area.

4.Check the ongoing market price by visiting the buysell section of Tech sites, or E-bay.

5.Ask about extra freebies like SD cards, Keyboards, Cases, Screen Protector etc.

6.Buy 2nd hand but make sure it is still within the warranty period, about 3-6 months is best.

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