Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Rove Beetle Dermatitis

After blogging about this commonly misdiagnosed skin lesion, I found one on myself this morning!

I have no idea when I came into contact with the small insect but it must have been sometime yesterday.

They are really small and can fly. Oftentimes the insect is nowhere to be found but a detailed history will usually identify these insects around he house or some exposure to a walk in the park the day before.

Here's a video of it on my chubby arm. I actually have a kissing lesion too but it's not as evident as the ones I have seen before.

Kissing lesions are symmetrical lesions caused by the insect being squashed when the limb was in flexion. They are pretty phatognamonic of this dermatitis.
It is often misdiagnosed as shingles.
Ok not much treatment needed as long as it does not get infected. Just a mild antiseptic cream and the lesion should resolve in 3-5 days.


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