Thursday, February 18, 2010

Malaysian Driving 1

After being back for a week and just driving to Ipoh and back on the highway, I was reminded how special our Malaysian driving experience is.
Firstly, you must use your horn. When in Australia I can say I hardly ever used my horn, so much so that I am not sure how it sounds like.
Over in Penang... I can tell you what type of car is "hornning" me without looking! I think most Malaysians are too polite to wind down the window and give you the bird, but have no qualms in leaning on the horn.
At the traffic light if you hessitate for even a moment when the light turns green...pim pim pim! I get horned even before the light changes sometimes.
Then there are those who install aftermarket horns, BMW horns, air horns that are really loud. They generally wait till they get real close and then want to show you what their new horns can do.
Best of all some motorcyclists install loud car horns and get their kicks from hornning you from your blind spot.
Welcome to Malaysian driving 101.


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