Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mobilephone Watch

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The water resistant M300 works on GSM Tri-band frequencies which are 900 Mhz, 1800 Mhz and 1900 Mhz. This allows any individual, who has an existing GSM sim card, to use the M300 in any country around the world. The M300 has a built in MP3 player, MP4 player, Voice Bluetooth, Data Bluetooth, Flash Memory, 64MB standard memory, U Disk functionality and supports all JM2E applications.

You can use the M300 with your current GSM sim card, or purchase the M300 as a package including sim card from one of our Global Distributors.

The M300 allows you to send and receive phone calls, play and download ringtones, download logos and pictures as your screensavers, in fact, the M300 works and has most of the same functionality your current mobile phone has, apart from you wear it on your wrist.

On incoming and outgoing calls, once again, the M300 works the same way a standard mobile phone does. On an incoming call you will see the callers ID, the callers name (if stored in your M300’s memory) and you have over 40 pre stored True Tones to choose from as your ring tone. You can also download ringtones from most globally recognized providers, or you can download them from the M300 website free of charge when you join our text club at $20.00 dollars a month for unlimited downloads.

You can use the M300 with any Blue Tooth enabled headset, or be like Dick Tracey, and talk into the watch itself. The external microphone has a 2 meter range, and Bluetooth enabled headsets have a 10 m range.

SMS Technology aims to bring you a further two releases in 2007. The M501 series of phones, made of solid gold and titanium, due for release June 2007, the M700 series, which we hope to launch with Outlook and Office synchronization for the business world, due to be launched in Nov 2007. On the new releases we will be producing both 850 mhz/1900 mhz watch phones and tri band 900mhz/1800 mhz /1900mhz sets.


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A Penang Bloggers Meet will be held on the 25th of Feb 2007 at E-Gate Starbucks!


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