Friday, February 02, 2007

Congratulations Joe Jer & Zabrina!

Congratulations Joe Jer & Zabrina!
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...For winning the Amazing Race Asia. Malaysia boleh! Also for being the first all girl team to win the Amazing Race.

They were not the strongest team, just managing to keep in the final few teams to avoid elimination. However they never gave up and had a very good happy attitude. Andrew and Syeon were the favourites, but for some reason they messed up when they didn't ask a taxi or local to guide them to one of the pitstops. They should have known that Malaysian Maps are crap no matter how good you are at reading them! The muscle guy was useless at maps, but he sure can eat and do the physical stuff. I just wish he would stop wearing the black bra like top!

Anyway well done girls, USD 100,000 doesn't get you much with the exchange rate today, but you deserve it!


At 9:51 PM, Anonymous anastasia said...

Ooh, I wanted them to win =) but I had to stop watching after the first few episodes due to time constraints. Aren't they singaporean though?


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