Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Android to iphone : Day 3

Where are the games?
I mean the good  games like NOVA, Spiderman, street fighter etc? Whats the use of a dual core processor if all it is going to play is a puzzle or board game or a driving game? Also their medical apps are lacking too.
I admit there are some good free games available like Angry Birds but where is Plants.Vs Zombies? Noom is a great app, and the Blogger apps and general ease of downloading youtube videos and files are ok. However the overall quality of apps is a disappointment and confusing as some apps are not compatible with all android phones. Prices of the apps seem to range from free to very expensive compared to those in the apple appstore.

Battery life has been bad. I know I have to give it time to achieve it's maximum efficiency but I never had to give my iphone that much time. To acheive a passable battery life with moderate use I had to disable all animations all eye candy, background syncing, bluetooth, screen brightness, change the background to a dark background. I had 2 batteries but I had to use them both up to get me through the day.  It reminds me very much of my pocket pc days. Great file system, multimedia, poor battery life.
Camera wise I don't think the galaxy 2s is much better than the iphone 4 especially in low light conditions. Not that many camera apps either.

I will keep using it for a week but at the moment I am considering going back to my iphone 4. I wanted very much to love my Galaxy 2s after looking at the great reviews. However the actual user experience has been a disappointment.


At 8:45 PM, Blogger keeekeee said...

I Have the exactly same experience. My first android device was HTC sensation. Thought to try something new before iphone 5 is available and also hands was itchy. Feeling like going back to my iphone 4 now. However, I do like the 7" flyer. Very handy. can bring along everywhere I go and support memory card. No need carry the camera kits. I wish one day iPad will come out 7" in size and built in card reader.


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