Friday, July 30, 2010

iPhone 4 Launches in Australia

Ok I couldn't help myself. Sleep deprived after a night shift in ED I went down to the Optus shop to check out the new Iphone 4.
There weren't lines waiting but Geelong isn't exactly the tech capital of Australia. Other than that I was pretty impressed with the 4. It was sleek and thin sporting that amazing retina screen.
The first thing I did of course was to try to replicate the death grip. I didn't see a definite signal drop but the signal indicator did fluctuate from 4 bars to 2 bars over 5 minutes. Compared to my iPhone 3gs that only got 1 bar consistently.
Of course that's not a scientific test but the regular user probably would not notice it. We will have to see how it performs when it hits the streets. There's already a waiting list and at least a 1 to 7 day wait.


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