Friday, July 23, 2010

Medical Iphone

The pda scene has changed so much since i started blogging 10 years ago. From my first Palm m100 and being amazed at being able to check my email by plugging a dial up modem to my phone line, and now wirelessly blogging with ease from my iPhone.
Palm is dead, Windows mobile is gone, the iPhone reigns for now with the Android army gathering in the horizon. But what does it mean for the average medical doctor who wants a useful smartphone for reference or connectivity?

Well at the moment my recommendation would be an iPhone. Anything from the 3GS to the new iPhone 4 despite antennagate. As I look around the hospital in Geelong, Australia, the iPhone reigns in terms of doctor usage. Why? Well I think mainly because it's relatively idiot(doctor) proof and intuitively easy to use. Secondly the amount of medical apps available for it is staggering.
From the classic Skyscape and Lexicomp medical references, the free epocrates, medcalc and a plethora of ECG references and online Uptodate webapps, there is just about anything you want. But more than that, it's easy to install and use without consulting your local techdoc geek(yours truly!)
With the uptake of facetime video conferencing and Skype, future medical referrals and consultations may include a picture of a rash or a virtual consult, in your pocket. Xrays and scans can be transmitted through your phone or tablet for review.
Anyway the future is exciting as I blog this with a cup of coffee. Even typing this on the onscreen keyboard is as easy as using graffiti on my old Palm. I will probably do a series of posts of my most useful medical iPhone apps in the coming weeks.

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