Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iphone 3GS Died

Back in Geelong now and suddenly my 2 month old iphone 3GS died. I was in the library and entered the date of of due books, put the iphone in my pocket. After a few minutes I took it out and it would not switch on. Tried a full reset, plugged in power cables but to no avail. The phone was dead. Arrgh just when I needed it, well now it's back to a basic Nokia again.
Took the phone to the Optus shop and they sent it off. But it takes at least a week to assess it and fix it apparently. Thats longer than I thought, no one to one exchange even though the phone was only 2 months old, with full insurance cover. Pretty crappy.
I've regretted buying the 3GS as my 3G is still going strong and is easily jailbroken. Unfortunately it's still in Malaysia with my daughter!


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