Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coconuts for Thaipusam

Coconuts for Thaipusam
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Coconuts line Dato Keramat road along the path of the Chariot. Already the traffic is jammed. The coconuts are thrown and broken on the road in front of the chariot. I remember spending one Thaipusam with my friend at his house in western road. Breaking those coconuts take a lot of effort, and those coconut shards are pretty sharp. Ended up with a few lacerations on my fingers!

"This breaking of old coconuts along the road where Lord Murugan will pass is a ritual that is carried out one day before Thaipusam. Many devotees will pledge a certain number of coconuts each year and to fulfil their vow, lorry loads of old coconuts will be lined along the roads where the chariot of Lord Murugan passes. The coconut water is meant to wash clean the roads."

Source Malaysiabest


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