Saturday, December 09, 2006

I-Tech II Mini Bluetooth Clip

I-Tech II Mini Bluetooth Clip
Originally uploaded by DrChan.

I recently got this interesting clip on bluetooth headset (Thanks Kevin!) and its quite interesting. It is a clip on type which I have not used before, being used to the hook on the ear types.

The I-Tech is small and light retailing at about RM168.

What makes it different is that it can pair to 2 devices simultaneoously, but u can use only one at a time though. If you do not like having a bluetooth headset clipped to your ear all the time, this clips to your pocket unobtrusively.

Call quality is good with the microphone located in the clip. The volume is actually too loud with level one more than sufficiently loud.

Sometimes I think it defeats the purpose of having a wireless headset with a long wire, but it is convenient for those who do not like to have the headset on their ear all the time.


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