Friday, December 08, 2006

A Gadgetless Bond

I still can't get over how terrible the Bond film was...Casino Royalle. The very reason I watch bond is in anticipation of his gadgets....the laser watch, remote controlled BMW, exploding pens etc... now I am left with a bond that uses a Sony Erricson phone to check his SMS...

Even I have more gadgets then Bond...

My favourite Bond is Pierce Brosnan, a cool, suave, witty bond. Licenced to kill, seduce and use lots of gadgets, often without reading the manuals. Daniel Craig is so bad that it makes me want to go back and see Pierce Brosnan's films again!

I tend to agree with this article in Craignotbond

"I, Moviegoer want him to be a gentleman’s Bond, and annoyingly suave, and relentlessly indestructible – that’s what I call a deadly combination"


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