Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Casio W-S210HD Solar Tide Watch

I love tide watches as they are useful when I go fishing. This latest affordable watch from Casio is pretty good. It has the easiest method to set the tides so far compared to my other tide watches. Basically you just enter the time for the first high tide of the day and the watch calculates the rest. No fiddling with locations or lunitidal settings.
The current tide flasheson the graph and it even shows the neap and spring tides. The only thing I don't like is that the casing is actually plastic with a metallic paint which I think will eventually rub off. It is water resistant to 100m which is good for swimming and  splashes from fishing adventures.
The solar function is pretty good which means that you will never have to buy a battery. The current battery charge is indicated by the HML(High Medium Low) display. Overall a very functional and useful watch especially if you want to know what the moon and tide is doing. It is selling for about Aud $40 on eBay.


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