Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make Retractable claws from Tongue Depressors + Rubber bands!

The Wolverine movie is coming out next week and I am amazed I got so many hits on my little video of using tongue depressors as retractable claws! Here it is again for your viewing pleasure.

Well when I did it I was bored stiff and happened to have a box of tongue depressors and some rubber bands.The movie is real and not a cut n paste.

Just take 3 sticks, cut a notch in the base, attach a rubber band to each stick. Loop the rubber bands around your middle finger. Slide the "claws" in between your fingers and clench your fist Then just push them all back to create tension and hold the claws in place by squeezing them between your fingers. Just relax your hand and it slides out...ScHiCk! Have fun!


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