Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Medical Software for the iPhone

I have been using my iPhone 3G for a month now and it's been fun. I am familiar with Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Now I am pretty good with the iPhone OS and pretty impressed. No OS is perfect but the iPhone does it with style. Surprisingly the amount of apps and free apps for the medical iphone beats palm hands down now. In fact all the stuff Palm had been boasting about...simplicity, thousands of apps, speed, Apple has done it and surpasses Palm while it slept. Sure Palm Pre is coming but as far as I am concerned, it is still vapourware.

Epocrates is free on the iPhone and it is every bit as impressive as the Palm app. It has it's constantly updated drug reference with medical alerts, and a medical calculator.
There are a lot of free medical calculators. Isilo is also available, not free unfortunately but I find that transfering files over to iSilo is unnecesarrily technical. Isilo has a lot of free databases avai. Skyscape has jumped in also with it's proven stable of medical reference apps. Skyscape has a pretty comprehensive free basic medical reference and calculator called Archimedes. The other apps like 5MCC are not free but definitely worth it.

A good ECG app is also available for free called The ECG Guide by QxMD which also has 4 free medical calculators available. There is even an Eye Chart you can use to check visual acuity. Pubmed on Tap is also a very useful free app for medical research and reference. Pepid is another useful free poisoning reference. Wow I am surprised at the amout of free apps available, and the quality is astounding.
That covers most of the important medical apps but there are fun apps like iStethescope that transforms your iPhone into a bad quality stets! Pretty innovative.

Another big difference is how you install the apps. At first I was worried about how everything goes through iTunes and the Apple App store, but actually I find it very easy. Just open the App Store icon on your iPhone, browse categories to Medical (right at the bottom), and then choose Top Free Medical software. Then all the free apps will be listed out. Click on the install and as long as you have a Wifi connection or 3G, it will install automatically. Nothing else needed. Impressive in it's simplicity. You can also browse the App Store, click on the free apps you want and then it will be downloaded to your iTunes app and installed the next time you sync your iPhone. Much easier than WM or Palm.

Well as I blog this from my iPhone I have been converted to I-Doc for now and enjoying it.


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