Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Medical Apps for the iPhone

Free Medical Apps for the iPhone
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One of my worries was getting medical references for the iPhone. The
good free programs available are Epocrates, Medcalc, Skyscape,
Obwheel, Eponyms and Eyechart. These are available thought the
appstore under the medical category. The skyscape is just a basic drug
and disease index and not the full programs such as 5MMC. Those need
to be purchased. Still it's not a bad start.


At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the skyscape drug product is not the best, but has lots of useful info. got a couple of upgrades where more and more information and drugs have been added too. so I think it;s a matter of time when we get good drug info. Also had bought outlines in clinical medicine for pocketpc (I think for about $80) which is free on the iphone. it's a decent resource, comparable to 5mcc.


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