Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazytown : A Healthy Children's Show

If you don't know about Sportacus or Stephanie then you don't know much about Lazytown. My little girl likes it because it has a lot of dancing and Stephanie is pink! Even the Bing Bang song has it's own moves and the music is very catchy.
Basically everyone was a computer potato, sitting in front of their computers and playing video games... err just like you are doing right now!
Stephanie (yup the one with the pink hair) moves into town to visit her uncle and with the help of Sportacus, they get the kids excited about exercise and healthy habits.

I was surprised by this very active show and impressed that Sportacus was a healthy role model with no real super human powers (except being a world champion icelandic gymnast!). He excourages kids to eat Sports Candy which are fruits instead of sweets. He gets them moving and realising that exercise is lots of fun.
So if there's one kids show I recommend, it's Lazytown, coz nobody's lazy in Lazytown!
You can catch some of their catchy tunes on Youtube.


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