Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol Price up 40% Diesel Up 63%

Wow...another bomb released on unsuspecting Malaysians. A huge sudden increase in fuel prices that will have a snowball effect on inflation, while our salaries remain the same...stagflation!

From the Star :
"PM AAB said the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight. The price goes up by 78sen from the current RM1.92, a hike of 40%.

Abdullah also announced that the price of diesel would be increased by RM1 from RM1.58 to RM2.58.

He also said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users."

Now let us compare the price with OIL PRODUCING countries

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

Yesterday they said that prices will be raised in August, suddenly they said it will be raised tonight! We seem to be getting a lot of bullsh!t lately, and it's hitting the fan. At the moment my petrol bill is rm400 a month, now it will jump to rm600 a month. Even for normal doctors who earn 3k a month it is a huge burden, how about those who earn 1k and have 5 kids? I weep for thee Malaysia!


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