Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Watch out for Thieves at Gurney Plaza Car Park

Here is an email I received. Beware...

" Just now after dinner at Gurney Plaza, mu hubby and I was heading to
our car parked at basement B2, which is near to the Parkson entrance.

At first I thought to go down from centre court, but we have to walk
quit a bit to our car, so I changed my mind to walk through Parkson and
go down by the stairs there. I thought that would be safer.

Who knows when we passed by the cosmetic counters my hubby already
noticed an Indonesian walking towards us but we didn't suspect anything
till I reached the staircase, then I noticed another Indonesian stood
by the staircase 'looking' people passing by.

my hubby was walking in front of me, both of us didn't talk. then when
we reached B1, we suddenly noticed another 2 more Indonesian was

behind us, then we knew it's NOT OK, total 4 of them. so my hubby
turned to me and talked to me in Hokkien 'I don't think we parked
here'. ok, now 1 of the Indonesian got shocked, he just realized that

we knew each other. I said '
ya' and quickly walked back. 4 of them suddenly became very awkward,
they looked at each other waiting for 'signal' whether should 'start
not. One of them even got so lost that he touched the door of the lift
then press the button..

luckily we cabut faster...

in the end, we went down through the centre court and reported to the

guard and he walked with us to our car. he said there has been many
cases but he couldn't do anything...

also, we realized there's no CCTV at that corner... dear all, please
beware and for girls, try not to bring a big bag even tho it's in dark


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