Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AFP: Malaysia detains Anwar, arrests 20 at parliament protest

AFP: Malaysia detains Anwar, arrests 20 at parliament protest

More crackdowns and arrests plus intimidation. Yep, elections must be around the corner. It's funny but us Maaysians are a pretty docile lot. Even when I post some of these protest news here on my blog, some of my friends would say : careful or you might get caught by ISA.
Malaysian Chinese especially love peace and quiet. As long as there is peace enough to do business and educate our children, there will be no rocking of boats.
But that time may change as hard times are coming. Inflation is setting in although the official statistics may proclaim it is 1.5%, but one litre of Dutch Lady milk costs rm3.80 to 4.50 now compared to rm2.80 last year. Petrol prices was RM1.10 3 years ago, then rm1.60 then 1.92 last year. Next year it is sure to be increased to RM2.50. Considering the average individual income is about rm2500 a month, all these eats into our daily lives. Imagine those who earn rm1000 a month or less, it's pretty tough.
So all we ask is that please let there not be wastage of money like spending rm2o,000,000 to send a space tourist into space, or wasting 4 billion on the PKFZ.


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