Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Treo 750v First Impressions

Treo 750v First Impressions
Originally uploaded by DrChan.

My friend just parted with RM2988 for a new Treo 750v. Who would have imagined a Treo running Windows...a sacrilege to Palm diehards, but a necessity for survival.

However is it good for Doctors? Here are my first impressions.


- Nice form factor, feels small and pocketable. Thank God they chopped off the antennae.

- Good one handed use inherited from Palm.

- New keyboard has a nice feel and the phone feels soft...a ruberrised coating?


- It seems slow and not snappy like the Treo 650.

- My friend is experiencing problems with SMS coming in without notifications

- Mini SD, why can’t they stick in a full SD card if they can do it on the Treo 680?

- The small square screen is too small

On first impressions I would not recommend it to doctors. Go for the Treo 680 instead.


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