Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nicol, I salute you!

Nicol, I salute you!
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This is a forum post by kekaudatangan in Mypdacafe:

"Squash has always been an underdog sport which no one in my school even know what kinda sport it was was totally lame.

Do you know that Nicol started in a shabby, old, run down, full of bird shit courts at Bukit Dumbar. She had to sweep and clean the court before she could train. Do you know she trained her stamina at a hill called Bukit Dumbar to run 20++ laps, sprinting up the hillslope and time trial runs. Do you know she do gym-work in a run down gym with minimal gym facilities on the 2nd floor of the Bukit Dumbar Squash Center known as (PEPSI) last time.

Do you know she had to take bus down to KL to play for tournaments. She had to walk from Pudu all the way to Hotel Grand Continental with her large bags. Then take bus transport from Grand Continental all the way to Jln Duta to participate in tournaments.

After all the suffering playing an unknown sport yes she deserved it as a CHAMPION!!!! "

Malaysians can be world class champions if given a chance. I salute her parents and Nicol. May you reign long and prosper!


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