Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Incentives for Malaysian Docs

Looks like our health minister is making a lot of difference so far...well done. As reported in the Star today :

All government doctors and health service personnel will enjoy greater benefits, effective Jan 1 this year, under a move to retain them and attract new employees.
For doctors, the incentives include their employment being extended to age 65 and tax-exempted allowances.
A new salary scheme is to be implemented for paramedics, nurses, medical trainers and science officers who are degree holders, while diploma holders have a chance to work their way up to a higher pay scale.

# 298 promotional posts for specialists have been created and are to be filled over the next five years – 40% of the posts are reserved for specialists in basic disciplines and 60% for sub-specialists; and all those promoted will qualify for a newly introduced special grade salary scale;

# A NEW category of “super doctors” to allow non-specialist doctors to be put on the special grade salary scale and to continue to practise medicine without having to become administrators;

# SPECIAL Bahasa Malaysia language tests for doctors who did not pass the Bahasa Malaysia paper in SPM so that more doctors can be confirmed in service;

# OUT-OF-OFFICE tax-exempt allowance; and:

# ABOUT RM1,000 more per month for housemen.

  • Article in The Star Newspaper

    At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Useless when nurse tutor refused to supervise student nurse's skill even when she is in the ward. Wasted government money to train this nurse tutor who graduated being so calculative and unproductive. Just because she wants the title of nurse tutor and so that she could show off. Talk about attitude problem.


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