Sunday, July 10, 2005

First Day Langkawi Holiday Report : Disaster

Well it started with our MAS flight being delayed 3 times from 12 pm to 3.45pm. So by the time we checked into the hotel, it was 5.30pm. Then we went to our first fishing spot, the jetty in Perdana Hotel, only to find it torn apart for renovation. Then we drove all the way to Pantai Rhu, saw a beautiful sunset, caught a few small fish, no jetty, fed the mosquitoes. It was super low tide and we needed a jetty.

OK by then we needed to eat, and had a nice seafood meal in Kuah Town. Then we went to fish at Helang Square as it was lighted. Caught a small Kerapu, then we were chased away by the security guard. Tide still very low at 12 midnight.Gave up, went for teh tarik, sat down, it started drizzling. Okla, went back to the hotel to sleep...hopiong tomorrow will be better.


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