Monday, February 08, 2010

Save Money at Salvos

When I first came with my family the first thing I had to do was to rent a home and buy essentials like furniture, beds, clothes and utensils. I wish someone had pointed me to Salvos coz I would have saved thousands.
Beds, sofas, kitchenware, tables etc are sold very cheaply. And it has already been sorted so it's not junk, but genuine preused or sometimes new stuff.

I bought my bicycle for 10aud, lots of childrens toys from fisher price etc. The trick is to buy good quality 2nd hand stuff that last.

Now that my family is leaving I will be donating most of the stuff back. So I think of it as paying rental and recycling goods. Make sure you visit the big Salvos and not the smaller shops.
Thanks for the help Salvos.

Location:Sharon Ct,Bell Park,Australia


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