Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Geelong Carousel

One of my daughter's favourite places in Geelong. The carousel ride is located at the Geelong waterfront, just next to Cunningham Pier. Definitely worth a visit. A ride costs AUD 3.30 and lasts about 5 minutes. Here is the carousel's history :

"The Carousel began its colourful life in bustling 19 th century New York. Markings on the saddles indicate that the horses are rare hand-carved Dare horses. The Armitage-Herschell Company of New York manufactured the Carousel in 1892.
The Carousel was a mainstay at the Mordialloc Carnival between the 1920s to the 1950s. A used ticket butt from this period was found inside one of the horses during restoration. Restorers also found evidence that the Carousel went on the road as part of a travelling carnival.
The Carousel was finally dismantled and left in a paddock at Echuca before being auctioned and stored at Castlemaine. A vintage car restorer, Rick Furlong, heard of the existence of the Carousel, and despite having no prior knowledge of carousels, he was intrigued and decided to purchase it."

More info at the Geelong City Website
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