Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Feet Fish Massage

I was at the New World Park in town today and tried out this interesting foot massage. For rm22 you get to have your feet massaged by small ferocious sucking fishes for 30 minutes. Actually it was pretty cool and well quite a ticklish experience. Set in a cozy balinese surround, after washing your feet you take a seat on the raised wooden seats and dip your tootsies in. My feet must have been extra tasty as I attracted at least a hundred little fish per foot! Even now my feet feel cool and refreshed. Recommended for a novel experience.
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At 3:39 AM, Anonymous narutoninjaboy said...

Hahaha . I treated a patient this week who went for a similar experience . CAme in running to clinic complaining of bleeding from
the big toe . But guess what this fella had ingrown toe nail with chronic paroynchia . The bleeding stop spontaneously but the owner of the fish joint had to pay for the clients bill ...hehehe
. Should put advice " MAy cause bleeding in ailing FOOt " : P


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