Sunday, June 01, 2008

One Night in Bangkok...

Lots of taxis around, and mainly Toyotas, Altis and Camry's

Tut Tuts are the kings of the road, and you can here their distinctive roar when they approach

Yup nobody uses helmets here...

Here I am in the heart of Bangkok in a cheap but clean motel. I've finally got my wifi connected at the motel for rm7 (70 bhat) for 24 hours. I also got a prepaid card 12Call by the AIS network. The sim card costs 120 bhat with 35 bhat free air time. However 1 SMS to Malaysia costs RM1.50. However the data is EDGE/GPRS and it goes by time woohoo! It costs 10 cents or 1 bhat per minute, so I can still quickly check my email and blog through my Tytn 2 using the prepaid service. Here are some pics I snapped with my Nikon D60.


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