Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mini Bluetooth USB Adapter Part 1

I was looking for the smallest Bluetooth USB adapter I could find for my Twinhead E10 and Eeepc. I finally settled for this tiny bluetooth adapter for RM59 from Midlands Plaza in Penang. It is basically a Class 2 (10 meter range) USB 2.0, Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) bluetooth dongle stuffed into a very small unit. I have taken a few pics to show you just how small it is so you can decide for yourself if it is what you want.

Packaging is pretty basic, comes with a CDROM of the bluetooth driver.

So here it is on my Tytn 2, as you can see it's tiny!

Most of it consists of the USB adapter interface with a little bit sticking out.

More pics in part 2!
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