Saturday, January 19, 2008

Proton Saga BLM Review

Motortrader has one of the early reviews of the Proton Saga...

Read it here

"But let’s talk about the looks first. In the spy photos which usually had the cars taped up, the car looked bulbous and somewhat out of proportion but the real thing looks better than the pictures. Though sharing the Savvy platform, it doesn’t look like a ‘Savvy sedan’ and if one comes out behind you, it is unlikely that you will think “Savvy’, which is unlike the Persona where you may sometimes mistake it for a Gen2 from the front. The front end of the new Saga is bold and the ‘V’ (or ‘U) shape of the grille and air intake look suspiciously like what you find on Audis. The rear end is neat with a short ‘third box’ that hides a pretty deep boot inside. And where the grille seems like Audi’s, those rear lights reminded me of the Mercedes C-Class!"


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