Thursday, January 03, 2008

Doctors are Hypochondriacs

Doctors are Hypochondriacs
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I had a big scare on new year's day. I had a oral ulcer on my cheek and didn't bother about it till I looked in a mirror and saw a black pigmented lesion inside. My whole life flashed before my eyes as thoughts of oral cancer...even worse oral melanoma invaded my thoughts. I've seen enough oral cancers to be scared of the smelly death that awaited. (Time for everyone to throughly check our oral cavities for any lumps, bumps or non healing ulcers)

Suddenly all my future plans had a time limit imposed...what a horrible thought! After praying hard for a long time I made an appointment to get it reviewed and cut out ASAP. The next day I went to see my former consultant who was gracious enough to see me the next morning. After a sleepless night, I was so glad to see that the pigmented lesion had changed from jet black to a reddish hue. A quick examination showed that it was probably a haematoma. Today 3 days later it has disappeared. I am so glad and thankful for each precious day we have on this earth.

I can just imagine the fear and trepidation our patients go through when we drop the death sentence of cancer on their heads. I have learnt to be more emphatic, and to get my new year resolutions done.


At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not worry of that black thing there....look very much like heamatoma...i got it once a while: u accidentally bite on it, it crushes ur capillaries but no break in the mucosa lining, so no ulcer. elderly said that u must bite and release the dirty blood or more will get accumulated. scary, sometimes tried biting it but not easy, man... Now, i'll just leave it there. those believes are not true.

But i'm more curious what's that sticking out from underneath ur tongue, that leaf-liked structure?? oh, dont worry..i'm not suggesting something bad, but just :what's that???

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ops!!! sorry. second look, i know what's that d. that's ur lower molar. u had posted the photo upside down. :-D


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