Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beautify Penang?

Beutify Penang?
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I hope the person planning this will realise that beautifying Penang does not mean building plastic palm trees and electric fireworks.
Penang is already so spoilt compared with 15 years ago. 90 percent of our rivers are polluted and dead. The beaches stink. You cannot catch any fish from the shores. The sea is overfished. The PGCC project is going to destroy the green lung which the turf club is.
Please protect what little shine our pearl has left.

I admire Australia and New Zealand who have strict laws in preserving the environment. But here, it seems that if you have enough money or connections, anything goes. Even the Turf Club which was designated an open area was changed to mixed development just to develope it into a concrete jungle.


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