Friday, June 15, 2007

Doc's First touch of the HTC Touch

Doc's First touch of the HTC Touch
Originally uploaded by docfiles.

Sleek and small. If looks itself could sell, this one sure is a winner. It looks and feels smaller in real life, truly light and shirt-pocketable. Much like the size and feel of the HP4150 which was one of the sleekest PPCs of it's time.
The interface was snappy despite it's 200mhz processor. I took lots of photos and will post them soon. I also took a video of how fast I could make the new interface spin around! Retailing for RM2099 which is a bit steep, but I think it will sell well.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Red's Fury™ said...

Hi Doc,

Give us readers some full hands-on review on this HTC Touch later if you have the time. I agreed with you that the price is a bit too steep, if it retail at MYR1988 or MYR1999, it would be a hit!



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