Friday, February 16, 2007

Mat Rempit=Angels or Devils

Mat Rempits confuse me. These 2 articles appeared in the Star today. One day they are the sampah masyarakat involved in snatch theft and prostitution...

"...the Mat Rempit would gather at the site at night and start negotiating with their potential clients. According to a former Mat Rempit known as K, most of them were always on the lookout for money to buy drugs.

K, 25, said the charges for sex ranged from RM20 to RM500 depending on the physical attributes of the women.
However, he said the Mat Rempit would only allow their buddies to sleep with their girlfriends. "

Source : The Star

And then another article saying they will be given free motorcycles to help police catch snatch thieves (which comprise of mat rempits!)...

"... the Mat Rempit could take home the motorcycle, they would have to catch at least 30 snatch thieves and be rewarded RM50 per head. “Once they catch at least 30 snatch thieves, we will reward them with a motorcycle each as an incentive,” he said.

We want to kick off this pioneering idea in the Baling area where there are many Mat Rempit roaming around. Instead of wasting their time, they might as well help police combat crime,” he added. "

Source : The Star


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