Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mat Squashed-it

Stunt goes wrong for duo
Witnesses told police that the pair tried to do a "wheelie" — where the rider raises the front wheel and balances the machine on the rear wheel while the pillion rider leans backward to within inches of the road.

And they were doing this while overtaking a lorry on the Bachok to Kampung Kemudi road about 5pm.

However, the rider Mohd Rahimi Mohd Salleh, 18, apparently lost control of the motorcycle and it grazed the side of the lorry sending him and his pillion Mohd Zainal Ashikim Jusoh, 26, tumbling on the road.

The two men rolled underneath the lorry and were run over.

Bachok district police chief Deputy Superintendent Nazely Md Said said Rahimi was killed on the spot while Zainal was rushed to hospital.

He is now in a coma at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Police are looking for the lorry driver.

Source NST


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